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AThe goal of Horizon Diagnostic Services is to provide an unparalleled experience & compassionate care to all patients and make healthcare convenient by providing remote diagnostic services.


These days, you need to be prepared for anything. And that means having an arsenal of skills in your back pocket--whether it's web design or UI/UX designing and photography! That was exactly how our team at Ameritech Digital got called upon when they were tasked with launching this new company.
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About Client

Horizon Diagnostic is a mobile diagnostic service business in Dallas, Texas. Their diagnostic services include x-ray, ultrasound, vascular ultrasound, laboratory testing, and echocardiogram. They use state-of-the-art technologies and advanced equipment to ensure 100% accuracy of diagnostic results. The idea behind Horizon’s remote diagnostic services is to build a safer community and reduce visits to crowded clinics.


Horizon Diagnostic was a startup business, and they came up with this fantastic idea of remote diagnostic services. To move their business to action, they needed a user-friendly website with a sound digital marketing plan. They wanted a website with easy navigation, intuitive designs, and great user experience, which would help them build their credibility and gain the trust of people. To broaden the exposure of their diagnostic services, the client wanted to keep their social media game up through engaging content. They also needed help with their initial branding and traditional marketing material.


We had a detailed meeting with the client to brainstorm their branding requirements, website structure, and digital presence. Once things were clear from both sides, our team jumped right into designing and developing the website. Our developers at Ameritech Digital addressed all the design & functional requirements of the client and built an interactive website that would help patients and healthcare providers find the desired services, schedule appointments with professional LAB physicians, and have a hassle-free online experience. We have created a strategic action plan for social media campaigns to help the client engage with their target audience. We also designed printing material for traditional marketing purposes, including brochures, flyers, etc.


Intuitive website structure, easy navigation, smart UX & UI designs not just uplift the experience of visitors, but also allowed the client to build their authority in the market. Our strategic social media campaigns, traditional marketing, and a modern website helped the client build a strong brand image, increase their accessibility to target customers, and enhanced customers’ satisfaction.

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Good ideas inspired creative, quirky, always-custom initiatives and concepts—each with customized branding and astronomical, yet doable, plans to bring them
to life.
Horizon Diagnostic provides premium quality and 100% accurate diagnostic services, such as x-ray, ultrasound, laboratory testing, and cardiac services. We have advanced equipment and state-of-the-art technology to maximize the comfort of patients through diagnosis procedures. We have a team of qualified sonographers, radiologists, technologists, and nurses in the USA.
Horizon Diagnostic Services