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Hili InfusionLounge


Hili Infusion Lounge needed to demonstrate its work in delivering safe and effective IV therapies to its clients in a way that reflected its use of modern techniques. Its identity and website were in desperate need of a makeover—enter Ameritech Digital.


The Ameritech Digital team was able to come up with an innovative and creative solution for this new company that had called upon their help. They knew from experience just what kind of skillset was needed in order get the job done right away!
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About Client

Located in Farmers Branch, TX, Hili Infusion is an infusion center run by a professional athlete coach named Igor Carvalho. Before Hili Infusion, Igor Carvalho was successfully running an athlete training center; however, he was also ambitious about starting an infusion center. Hili Infusion provides specialty infusions to athletes and regular people to boost stamina, fight fatigue, enhance energy levels, promote muscle recovery, and strengthen the immune system.


To build a robust online presence, businesses need to create a website that is not just visually stunning but includes all the features to improve the online user experience. The client wanted exactly the same and they partnered with us to build a professional-looking, modern website including all visual elements and quality content for its new business. The client also needed a complete SEO and digital marketing action plan that would support his business goals and ensure seamless online business growth. The client already had a good reputation among people with athletic backgrounds, so they wanted a launch plan that would target their existing customers.


We had a detailed meeting with the client about his new business goals and how we would position his business. Building a professional-looking website was the first milestone, and our team of highly skilled developers didn’t take much time to create an SEO-friendly & interactive online platform. Afterward, our digital marketing team developed and implemented strategic SEO campaigns to secure top-ranking positions and drive more organic traffic to the website.Our team at AmeriTech Digital has also developed a successful launch plan for Hili Infusion by conducting social media live sessions with experts and physical events, which helped them raise brand awareness.


Within a few months of the website launch, the client’s business started getting noticed by target audiences and there was a drastic increase in sessions and online visitors. Our content-rich website with smart layouts and easy navigation not just improved the online user experience, but also allowed the client to achieve real & measurable results. Implementing a powerful SEO strategy targeted the right audience and increased the online visibility of the business. With all that, the implementation of the launch plan for business including, live sessions, online & physical events also contributed to the success of the Hili Infusion business.

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It all started with a simple idea. And then something completely unique happened: the creative process was sparked by good ideas and brought to life!
We invite you to discover Safe, Easy and Customized IV therapy to Rehydrate, Recharge and Boost your holistic wellbeing at HiLi Infusion Lounge. IV therapy is the swift route to ensure a 100% nutrient delivery directly into the bloodstream with zero delay