The mission of Crescent Emergency Room is to be the preeminent department of Emergency Care in the country by delivering excellent healthcare with respect and dignity to all patients needing emergent or urgent care services.


Ameritech Digital developed the branding and identity, and voice and tone of Crescent Emergency Room, ensuring that its simplicity was reflected on the website and within their services. Web design, software UI/UX design, and photography were all part of the project.

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Crescent is an emergency room located in Lancaster, Texas. It is one of the top-rated ERs in Dallas, offering 24/7 ER services to treat severe auto injuries, stroke, heart attack, back pain, appendicitis, and other health conditions. Crescent is a mission-driven ER with strong values, and its efforts against healthcare disparities are remarkable. They have also taken an initiative to make emergency room services accessible and available to everyone, especially to the black community.


Businesses thrive on sales and conversions, and that further depends on qualified leads. That is where we jump in. Crescent ER was in need of quality leads, and there couldn't be a better alternative than local SEO as paid traffic is expensive, especially in the healthcare market.
They were unable to get qualified leads because of zero visibility on search engines. Not having a website was the main reason why they were continuously struggling with revenue and organic traffic. They also required help with social media presence to better connect & engage with their target audiences.


By understanding the business’s mission and goals of the client, we came up with a complete action plan to enhance their online presence. We helped Crescent ER undergo a full digital transformation by developing a content-rich website, compliant with US health standards to build a powerful brand presence and credibility in the market. For a budding ER, we didn't want to stress the financials; therefore, the brilliant minds at Ameritech crafted a well-organized Local SEO plan for the business. Combining the technical SEO and content marketing, we made their website more visible on search engines and increased their online traffic. Our skilled digital marketers created strategic social media campaigns to help them reach out to maximum target audiences.


The results have been astonishing, and the client noticed a drastic increase in their online visitors, page views, and pages per session. Within a short time after partnering with us, Crescent ER got a rise in its organic traffic as their website started appearing higher on search engine results pages for relevant search terms. Our strategy-driven branding and local SEO plan have made it possible for Crescent to build a long-lasting relationship with their patients and reach out to more people.


Ameritech Digital contributed to Crescent's identity by designing the company's website. We created a platform for Crescent to educate visitors about its extensive services and encourage them to take care of themselves. It was essential that the web design be simple and attractive in order for visitors to feel welcomed and empowered to take charge of their health through Crescent’s services.

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At Crescent ER, we offer the most efficient, reliable, and hassle-free treatments for personal injury cases. If you have suffered any physical or psychological damage due to the fault of another party, we can provide you with immediate medical care. Our healthcare team has skilled and experienced professionals, who can treat all kinds of personal injury.

Crescent Emergency Room


Crescent Emergency Room is an ER based in Lancaster, TX, that provides advanced healthcare services to people suffering from mild to life-threatening medical issues that require immediate attention. The Crescent emergency department's Board Certified Specialists and doctors are well-known for their skills in emergency treatments, long-term relief, correct diagnosis, and disease management.

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