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The mission of Areva Pharma was to develop, manufacture, and distribute effective, safe and high-quality health-care products and medications that will improve men's, women's, and children's health and quality of life.

The mission? Simple and amazing. But Areva Pharma wondered, how can we bring this mission to life?
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Launching a new company demanded the use of Ameritech Digital's arsenal of skills, including web design and development, brand identity, UI/UX design, and photography to invigorate the brand.

About Client

Areva Pharmaceutical, a company in Georgetown, Indiana that manufactures and distributes high-quality pharmaceuticals was looking to expand their business model. They were primarily on the traditional wholesale end of the distribution chain but they had an ambitious plan to move into more advanced digital platforms where providers can get verified, order, execute payments, and track shipments easily online.


Although the client wasn’t new to the market, still they have to go a long way as they didn’t have an online platform to support the expansion needs of their business. To efficiently work as a retail pharmacy, they needed a web application that would not just represent their business online but also has an admin portal and reliable physician verification algorithm.

The user must have a physician license to be qualified to buy the medicine from the pharmacy. With that, an admin portal was required, where users can get the updates, find information, ask their queries and check the invoices. The client had a long list of technical and functional specs, and we were all set to make it happened.


Although the client wasn’t new to the market, they still had a long way to go as they didn’t have an e-commerce compliant online platform to fulfill expanding business needs. To cater to all the requirements Areva was looking for, Ameritech created a web application that had features such as:

  1. An admin portal where user can dynamically update the catalog and get updates on information regarding orders, returns, payments, and delivery status of products.
  2. A reliable provider verification system so only licensed and verified providers can order drugs from the website.
  3. Login portal for the verified providers to track their orders and shop online.


To develop the new Areva Pharmaceutical web application, we sat down with stakeholders and brainstormed. Once we had the blueprint, our team started designing and building a website that matched their vision. We developed a catalog for them to upload drug information, list products as well as an e-commerce feature where they could sell drugs online. In addition, we provided them with an admin portal, providing them the ability to internally update or change anything in case there were changes needed at any given time, and finally, after Quality assurance, we launched the website successfully. Our application met the expectations of our Areva Pharmaceuticals, and it really helped them build their brand authority. All in all, they were satisfied with the results; doing so not only gave them capabilities for expanding online but also allowed bringing quality drugs at affordable rates to a larger base than before.

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Good ideas inspired creative, quirky, always-custom initiatives and concepts—each with customized branding and astronomical, yet doable, plans to bring them
to life.
Areva develops, markets, and distributes high quality, affordable multi-source pharmaceutical products. We have a growing portfolio of pharmaceutical products.
Irene Swaminathan, J.D., M.B.A., R.Ph.Owner, AREVA PHARMACEUTICAL


Areva Pharmaceuticals is committed to the research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of high-quality pharmaceuticals. Every part of our organization is run with the greatest ethical and moral standards. Because of our unwavering dedication to quality and laser-like attention on the patients who use our products, we are able to provide outstanding value, attentive service, and completely FDA compliance medications.

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